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Our society

  • Pursuant to Article L11-1 of the Consumer Code came into Viguer the 13/06/2014, we inform you that the site you are currently visiting is the property of Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne, SARL capital€ 60,000 (Euros) registered under number 378 691 398 (LE PUY-EN-VELAY), code APE 5510Z, considered as editor of the site.
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  • The office of Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne is located at :

    43100 BRIOUDE

  • You can reach the office of Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne by phone at +33 (0) 4 71 50 14 62 or by email at
  • The publication director is Mrs. Agnes Gomichon, as manager of Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne. It is also responsible for processing under its function.

  • Our host

  • The hosting is provided by the company :

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  • Society who in his capacity as host guarantees the publisher Availability and maximum safety. The host undertakes to comply with the provisions governing their status, particularly those of Article 6 of the Act on Confidence in the Digital Economy (LCEN) of 21 June 2004.

  • Provision of content (for users)

  • For the sake of transparency and in order to inform you better about your rights and our obligations in electronic commerce (selling goods and / or services remotely), we provide you with several sections allowing you to check the quality of our services. You will find as well the sections :

  • - Legal Notice
    - Confidentiality of data (web, mobile, social networks)
    - Cookies

  • We strongly advise you to browse these sections to verify Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne of commitments on distance selling of services.

  • The right of reply

  • It is possible that our website presents texts in discussion areas (blog, forum, comments ...) citing a person and / or brand (ex post moderation).
  • According to Article 6 IV of Act No. 2004-575, any natural or legal person appointed or designated on has a right of reply, without prejudice to requests for correction or deletion of message it may send to the office of Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne.
  • An application for exercise of the right of reply, addressed to the director of the publication must be submitted no later than within three months from the provision of public message justifying this request.

  • Our customer service

  • The Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne customer service is reachable only by electronic means (email), at hpbrioude@wanadoo.fre or by phone at +33 (0) 4 71 50 14 62e at the following times : Monday to Friday, from 09h to 12h and 14h to 17h.
  • Given the large number of calls received, applications are filed and processed in order of priority. Thus, a non-urgent call is processed within a maximum of 48 working hours.

  • To contact us

  • You can contact us at hpbrioude@wanadoo.fre for any inquiries, or to exercise your rights regarding the processing of data performed by the company.

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  • Copyright and Intellectual Property

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  • Version V15-16. Validité à compter du 01/08/2015.

  • Confidentialites


  • This policy establishes how we handle the information we collect about you when you visit our site.
  • We attach high importance to protecting your privacy and your personal data in the way we create, organize and are implementing our online and offline activities.
  • To maintain maximum protection with regard to personal data that we process, our sites and the entities administering the will conform to the principles identified in :

  • - The recommendation of the OECD Council concerning guidelines governing the protection of Privacy and transboundary fluxes of Personal Data (C(80)58/FINAL).
    - The European Directive 95/46 / EC on the protection of personal data and revisions.
    - The French Law 78-17 amended by Law 2004-801 of 06/08/2004 (called Data Protection Act) and its implementing decrees.
    - The simplified norm NS 48 of 07/06/2005 published by the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertes (CNIL) and amended on 13/07/2012.

  • CNIL declaration

  • In accordance with the recommendation 2005-284 from the CNIL, this website has not been the subject of a declaration as such. However, all these data processing or future concerning that site have been or will be declared to the CNIL.
  • The CNIL number corresponding to the processing of data relating to the use of the site and the data processing of personal data collected is xxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Collecting data

  • 1 - Collected automatically
    In your browser, cookies may be installed in your browser, or through our website, or by third parties (social networks, advertising agencies ...).
    A banner, present on every page of our website, you ask permission or not to place cookies on your device. This authorization is valid 12 months, we can improve the services we provide.
    A special section dedicated to the "Cookies" provides information on their use and the means to oppose their deposit.
  • 2 - Data voluntarily provided
    It is not essential to register on our website. You can read it even if you do not want to register or provide personal information, but in this case, you can not buy online, receive newsletters by email, or contact us electronically .
    We respect your will, and never will collect personal data about you without an explicit agreement on your part.
    If, against you wish to use our online sales, we will ask you to provide certain information to fulfill your order and the creation of your private space.
    We may ask you to provide data from the following categories :
    - Category 1 : elementary personal data (name, email, personal contact and delivery...)
    - Category 2 : identifiers (bank details, IDs private space ...)
    - Category 3 : other profile personal data (description, hobbies, likes, ratings, comments ...)
    Some data are mandatory (mentioned during the collection thereof) or optional.
  • 3 - Data protection of minors
    The use of our website is intended for adults or emancipated minors. Any collection of data can be done with non-emancipated minors must be information of parental authority, which has the capacity to oppose any processing on the data.
    However, any major holder of parental authority, under its responsibility, to propose the use of our website and associated desservices unemancipated minor child.

  • Recipients of data

  • Only addressed the collected data :
    - The competent services of Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne.
    - Third parties contractually bound to Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne. All our agreements with others mention the obligations to subcontractors in protecting the security and confidentiality of data (Article 35 of the Law of 6 January 1978).

  • Right of access, rectification, deletion

  • Regarding the right of access :
    Before you send personal data, we will ask you to provide proof of your identity. If you are not able to prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you personal data.
    In accordance with Decree 2007-451 of 25/03/2007, your request will be met within a period of 2 months maximum, subject to the reasonableness thereof.
    A lump sum not exceeding that corresponding to the reproduction of documents will be charged to your application.
  • Regarding the correction and deletion rights :
    The prerequisites are the same as on the right of access. These rights may be exercised online by sending an email to or by mail to the following address :

    43100 BRIOUDE

  • Data retention

  • The personal data collected from customers will not be retained beyond the time strictly necessary to the management of the commercial relationship between the client and Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne
  • Upon exercise of the right of access or correction, data relating to identity documents will be retained for 1 year (period provided for in Article 9 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).
  • Upon exercise of the right of opposition, these data will be archived for 3 years (limitation period provided for in Article 8 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).
  • Pursuant to Article L 133-24 of the Monetary and Financial Code, bank card data are automatically archived once the transaction is completed, that is to say, from actual payment. They will be kept for a purpose of proof in case of any dispute the transaction, for a maximum period of 15 months.
  • The data relating to the visual cryptogram are not stored by Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne. If the expiry date of the credit card is reached during the storage of the data relating to them by Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne, this data is automatically deleted.

  • Data transfer

  • No personal data is transmitted in a country outside the EU or that do not have adequate data protection policies with Directive 95/46 / EC.

  • Mobile web site

  • Our website has a mobile version. You can read it and use services via a mobile device (smartphone and / or tablet PC).
  • The use of this navigation mode can lead to a change in privacy policy of your personal data.
  • Regarding Hôtel de la Poste et Champanne, the data processing of the mobile version of the site do not change compared to the "normal" version of the site, either at the purpose of the processing, or the recipients of the data the shelf life.
  • Should we wish to get the geolocation of your device, systematic authorization is requested you to activate this feature.
  • By cons, some foreign third party site may collect data without your knowledge while browsing the web.
  • This is mainly the manufacturer of your phone and your mobile operator. Data collected during your navigation through these companies are mainly

  • - Device Name
    - L'Id (UDID)
    - The advertising Id
    - Network access
    - The location of the device
  • We recommend you to check the settings of your mobile device so that the less personal data is transmitted without your knowledge. You can look on it CNIL corresponding guide.

  • Services "Social Networks"

  • You can find on our website (currently or in the future), buttons for interacting with the main social networks on the categories pages and / or products and / or registration.
  • Interactions and information collected by these applications are related to the privacy settings you have defined for each social network. These applications also collect traffic data even in the absence of interaction from the user.
  • We recommend you consult the different privacy policies defined by the major social networks to understand their policy collection and exploitation of data collected.

  • - Facebook® data processed in the USA - Privacy policy
    - Google® data processed in the USA - Privacy policy
    - Twitter® data processed in the USA - Privacy policy
    - ShareThis® data processed in the USA - Privacy policy
    - Pinterest® data processed in the USA - Privacy policy
    - YouTube® data processed in the USA - Privacy policy

  • - Data collected
    - Processing and the recipients
    - Shelf life

  • Other third party services

  • Some third-party services may collect data when ordering on our website. These partners contracted services of guaranteed high quality data protection (marketplaces, opinions and comments, the fight against fraud, payment in installments ...).
  • Regarding the PayPal® payment system, if you already have an account, we recommend that you refer to bank data protection policy of this payment by visiting the site.

  • Privacy and Security

  • Our concern is to preserve the quality and integrity of your personal information. The technologies and security policies applied by ourselves and our technical service will protect the personal data of our users against unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental data loss .
  • We are constantly improving our security procedures as and evolve technologies to maintain the highest level of protection. On our website, the transmission of your personal data is secure following following different protocols ensuring the highest level of protection in line with the existing technology and the transmitted personal data category.
  • All our employees, contractors and authorized third parties that have access or are associated with their treatment are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal data of our visitors, customers and prospects.
  • We guarantee that your personal data will not be disclosed to institutions or authorities except in cases provided by law or regulation.
  • To maintain the highest degree of protection regarding personal data we hold about our visitors, customers and prospects, we regularly submit a self assessment. This self assessment is performed by the data controller and covers both technical and organizational measures.

  • Notification of Changes

  • The creation of new services on our sites may necessitate changes to this declaration of data protection policy.
  • In this case, we notifirons these changes in this section. We also declare to the CNIL these changes if they require it.

  • Contact

  • For questions about our privacy policy, thank you to contact us by any means at your disposal in our "Legal Notice" or by the "Contact" tab.
  • Version V15-16. Valid as of 01/08/2015.

  • Cookies


  • During your visit to our website, "cookies" are placed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, depending on the material used for your internet browsing.
  • We are particularly attentive to the quality of services we offer, and the use of these "cookies" "allows us to guarantee a suitable navigation to your needs and personalized offers based on your expectations.
  • In the interests of transparency, we go through this page inform you about the filing of these cookies on your hardware and how to oppose this deposit.

  • Cookies explanation

  • "Cookies", also called "Navigation Cookies" are small text files placed on your hardware by your browser when visiting certain websites. They can be traced back to their sender information to customize and / or improve your route on a website.
  • There are several types of cookies depending on the type of site you are visiting, the political editor of the site and the services offered.
  • Only cookies issuers can read, edit and use information contained in the cookies deposited.
  • Technical cookies :
    They are mainly issued by the e-commerce site publishers. They are ESSENTIAL to the site navigation, the checkout process, the functionality of the basket, the security of your account...
  • Cookies third "advertising services" :
    It may be that certain content on our site in our advertising spaces are issued by third party advertising companies. These can transmit cookies to identify the type of equipment used by the user, the original site (ours in this case) when you click one of these contents, the number of displays the number of views...
    Some third-party services on our site may also set cookies on your device. These are mainly individual payment services (payment in installments), verified review sites of...
  • Third party cookies "social" :
    We offer the opportunity for people visiting our site to share products they like with their friends via social networks or sharing buttons. On the occasion of these "shares" the networks used can deposit cookies on your hardware to later offer similar content.
    These networks can also identify your visit to our site, even if you do not use the share buttons or recommendation "social" during your visit. We do not know the data collection methods of these networks and can not inform you about these conditions (data, operation, shelf life ...).
  • Cookies "statistics" :
    These cookies allow us to identify the type of equipment used, connection times to the site, countries and connecting regions, time attendance...
    All this information will enable us to offer better accessibility of the site based on traffic, to set the displays (color, language ...). They also allow us to improve the usability of our site according to study your route (like a physical shop rearrangement).
  • Lifetime :
    The lifetime of cookies on our site is limited to 13 months in accordance with the recommendation of the CNIL of 05.12.2013 (No. 2013-378)

  • Identify Cookies

  • You can identify the cookies stored on your device in 2 ways :
  • 1. Using the settings or preferences of your browser

  • Mozilla Firefox :
  • 1. Preferences
    2. Privacy
    3. Cookies

  • Google Chrome :
  • 1. Parameters
    2. Show advanced settings
    3. Confidentiality
    4. Content Settings
    5. Cookies

  • Internet Explorer :
  • 1. Tools
    2. Security
    3. Privacy Statement web page
    4. Delete browsing history
    5. Cookies

  • Microsoft Edge :
  • 1. Parameters
    2. Show advanced settings
    3. Cookies

  • Safari :
  • 1. Preferences
    2. Security
    3. Show Cookies

  • 2. Using a cookie viewer
  • - COOKIEVIZ (proposed by the CNIL)
    - LIGHTBEAM (Mozilla Firefox)

  • IMPORTANT: we remind you that your browser settings may prevent you from accessing certain services we offer, and in particular to carry out orders on our site.

  • Check and / or prevent the storage of cookies on our site

  • Each browser offers different settings. The procedures are described in the help menu on your browser, allowing you to learn how to change your wishes regarding cookies. We present here the main features of the most commonly used browsers.
  • You can disable cookies by following these instructions :
  • Mozilla Firefox :
  • 1. Tab "Tools" of the browser and select the "Options" menu
    2. Tab "Privacy" and click "Show Cookies"
    3. Select the cookies including the name of our site and delete them

  • Google Chrome :
  • 1. Click the icon in the Tools menu.
    2. Select "Options"
    3. Advanced tab and under "Privacy"
    4. Click "Show Cookies"
    5. Select the cookies including the name of our site and delete them
    6. Click "Close"

  • Internet Explorer :
  • 1. Click the Tools button, then click Internet Options.
    2. On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings.
    3. Click the View Files button.
    4. Click the column header to sort by Name all files in alphabetical order, then
    5. Scroll through the list until you see the files beginning with "Cookie" prefix. (All have that prefix cookies and usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie).
    6. Select the cookies including the name of our site and delete them
    7. Close the window that contains the file list, and click OK twice to return to Internet Explorer.

  • Microsoft Edge :
  • 1 .Parameters
    2. Choose what to delete

  • Safari :
  • 1. "Edit" Menu of the browser and select "Preferences"
    2. Click Security.
    3. Click delete specific cookies.
    4. Select the cookies including the name of our site and delete them
    5. Click "Done"

  • Or else by clicking the link (s) (s) below :
  • » Disable any cookies
    » Disable social media cookies

  • Cookies third party ad

  • We recommend using the online service YourOnlineChoices. This inter-platform, offered by professional digital advertising is managed in France by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).
  • It presents the different companies in the program and allows you to click to accept or refuse the installation of third-party cookies from these companies on your hardware.
  • To log on, go to the website under "control his cookies".

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